Registered Papers List

ID Paper Id Paper Title
#1 5 Classification of brain tumor MR image using convolutional neural networks
#2 7 Deep-TDRS: An Integrated System for Handwritten Text Detection-Recognition and Conversion to Speech using Deep Learning
#3 8 Computer aided diagnosis of Autism spectrum disorder based on Thermal imaging
#4 9 Efficient High-Resolution Image-to-Image Translation using Multi-Scale Gradient U-Net
#5 10 Generic Multispectral Image Demosaicking Algorithm and New Performance Evaluation Metric
#6 13 A platform for large scale auto annotation of scanned documents featuring real-time model building and model pooling
#7 14 AC-CovidNet: Attention Guided Contrastive CNN for Recognition of Covid-19 in Chest X-Ray Images
#8 15 Application of Deep Learning techniques for Prostate Cancer Grading using Histopathological Images
#9 17 Dyadic Interaction Recognition using Dynamic Representation and Convolutional Neural Network
#10 19 Segmentation of Unstructured Scanned Devanagari Newspaper Documents
#11 21 Automatic Classification of Sedimentary Rocks towards Oil Reservoirs Detection
#12 24 Signature2Vec - An algorithm for reference frame agnostic vectorization of handwritten signatures
#13 25 Leaf Segmentation and Counting for Phenotyping of Rosette Plants Using Xception-style U-Net and Watershed Algorithm
#14 26 Fast and Secure Video Encryption using Divide-and-Conquer and Logistic Tent Infinite Collapse Chaotic Map
#15 28 Visual Localization Using Capsule Networks
#16 31 Detection of cataract from fundus images using deep Transfer learning
#17 38 Brain Tumour Segmentation using Convolution Neural Network
#18 40 Signature based Authentication: A Multi-Label classification approach to detect the language and forged sample in signature
#19 41 A Data-set and a Real-time Method for Detection of Pointing Gesture from Depth Images
#20 42 VISION HELPER: CNN Based Real Time Navigator for the Visually Impaired
#21 43 Structure-Texture Decomposition-Based Enhancement Framework for Weakly Illuminated Images
#22 44 Low Cost Embedded Vision System For Location And Tracking Of A Color Object
#23 45 Towards Label-Free Few-Shot Learning: How Far Can We Go?
#24 46 AB-Net: Adult-Baby Net
#25 48 Polarimetric SAR Classification: Fast Learning with k-Maximum Likelihood Estimator
#26 51 Leveraging Discriminative Cues for Masked Face Recognition in Post COVID World
#27 52 Pretreatment Identification of Oral Leukoplakia and Oral Erythroplakia Metastasis Using Deep Learning Neural Networks
#28 53 Soft Biometric Based Person Retrieval For Burglary Investigation
#29 56 A deep learning framework for the classification of lung diseases using chest X-ray images
#30 59 Scene Graph Generation with Geometric Context
#31 76 Deep Color Spaces for Detecting Fingerphoto Presentation Attacks for Mobile Applications
#32 77 Cancelable Template Generation using Convolutional Autoencoder and RandNet
#33 78 Homogeneous and Non-Homogeneous Image Dehazing using Deep Neural Network
#34 80 Improved periocular recognition through blend of handcrafted and deep features
#35 83 Kernels for incoherent projection and orthogonal matching pursuit
#36 85 AAUNet: An Attention Augmented Convolution based UNet for Change Detection in High Resolution Satellite Images
#37 86 A Large Volume Natural Tamil Character Dataset
#38 87 Datasets of Wireless Capsule Endoscopy for AI-enabled Techniques
#39 90 Moving Objects Detection in Intricate Scenes via Spatio-temporal Co-occurrence based Background Subtraction
#40 91 Script Identification in Natural Scene Text Images by Learning Local and Global Features on Inception Net
#42 95 MS-Net: A CNN Architecture for Agriculture Pattern Segmentation in Aerial Images
#43 99 Vision Transformer for Plant Disease Detection: PlantViT
#44 102 Evaluation of Detection and Segmentation Tasks on Driving Datasets
#45 103 Classification of Gender in Celebrity Cartoon Images
#46 104 Localization of polyps in WCE images using deep learning segmentation methods: A comparative study
#47 105 Evaluation of Deep Architectures for Facial Emotion Recognition
#48 106 Adaptive Rough-Fuzzy Kernelized Clustering Algorithm for Noisy Brain MRI Tissue Segmentation
#49 107 On the Prospects of Latent MasterPrints
#50 109 Handwritten Text Retrieval from Unlabeled Collections
#51 111 Detecting Document Forgery Using Hyperspectral Imaging
#52 113 An Hour-glass CNN for Language Identification of Indic Texts in Digital Images
#53 115 Single Frame-based Video Dehazing with Adversarial Learning
#54 117 Spatio-Temporal Event Segmentation for Wildlife Extended Videos
#55 118 Comparative analysis of machine learning and deep learning models for ship classification from satellite images
#56 121 Channel Difference based Regeneration Architecture for Fake Colorized Image Detection
#57 138 DenseASPP enriched Residual Network towards visual saliency prediction
#58 140 Brain MRI and CT Image Fusion Using Generative Adversarial Network
#59 146 MFCA-Net: Multiscale Feature Fusion with Channel-wise Attention Network for Automatic Liver Segmentation from CT Images
#60 147 Automatic Double Contact Fault Detection in Outdoor Volleyball Videos
#61 151 Classroom Slide Narration System
#62 154 Humanoid Robot - Spark
#63 156 Attention-Based Deep Autoencoder for Hyperspectral Image Denoising
#64 164 Feature Modulating Two-stream Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Glaucoma Detection in Fundus Images
#65 165 Retinal Image Quality Assessment using Sharpness and Connected Components
#66 169 Multi-frame Motion Saliency Learning for Object Segmentation
#67 170 Video Enhancement with Single Frame
#68 172 Blind Video Quality Assessment using Fusion of Novel Structural Features and Deep Features
#69 176 On-Device Spatial Attention based Sequence Learning Approach for Scene Text Script Identification
#70 177 Post-Harvest Handling of Mangoes: An Integrated Solution Using Machine Learning Approach
#71 180 Morphological Gradient Analysis and Contour Feature Learning for Locating Text in Natural Scene Images
#72 181 Introspecting Local Binary Feature Vectors for Classification of Radiographic Weld Images
#73 184 Performance Evaluation of Deep Learning Models for Ship Detection
#74 186 COVID-19 Social Distance Surveillance using Deep Learning
#75 187 Towards Semi-supervised Tree Canopy Detection and Extraction from UAV Images
#76 188 Pose Guided Controllable Gesture to gesture translation
#77 190 EDR: Enriched Deep Residual Framework with Image Reconstruction for Medical Image retrieval
#78 191 Depth Estimation Using Sparse Depth And Transformer
#79 197 Analysis of Loss Functions for Image Reconstruction using Convolutional Autoencoder
#80 198 Fuzzy Entropy k-Plane Clustering Method and its Application to Medical Image Segmentation
#81 201 FMD-cGAN: Fast Motion Deblurring using Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
#82 202 Region Extraction Based Approach For Cigarette Usage Classification Using Deep Learning
#83 203 Fire Detection Model using Deep Learning Techniques
#84 204 Two Novel Methods for Multiple Kinect v2 Sensor Calibration
#85 212 Residual Inception Cycle-Consistent Adversarial Networks
#86 214 A Memory augmented generative framework for Video anomaly detection using Extrapolation
#87 224 Hand Gesture Recognition using CBAM-RetinaNet
#88 231 Elderly Patient Fall Detection using Video Surveillance
#89 233 OGGN: A Novel Generalized Oracle Guided Generative Architecture for Modelling Inverse Function of Artificial Neural Networks
#90 236 Deep Learning Based DR Medical Image Classification
#91 243 Human Action Recognition in Still Images
#92 244 Enhancing unsupervised video representation learning by temporal contrastive modelling using 2d CNN
#93 246 Deep Two-Stage LiDAR Depth Completion
#94 247 3D Multi-voxel pattern based machine learning for multi-center fMRI data normalization
#96 257 Exploring the role of adversarial attacks in image anti-forensics
#97 260 A Novel Artificial Intelligence-based Lung Nodule Segmentation and Classification System on CT Scans